Random Notes

I’m by no means a seasoned hiker.  Nor am I a seasoned blogger.  There are however, areas in life that I am well seasoned in.  But I dropped the ball today (Monday) in an area so far buried in my wheelhouse that it might as well be in my DNA (probably is).  I forgot to put beer in the fridge before we left for the day.  I realized that fact late in the day and had to live with that sad realization until we got “home” to the RV, when I went into emergency mode to get beers cold as quickly as possible.

We did have a couple of Bud Lights in the fridge to tide us over until the good beer could get chilled.  Then once they were cold, we had some of the good stuff.  It was kinda like; no, it was exactly like – The Wedding Feast at Cana, “Everyone serves the good beer first, and when people have drunk freely, then the poor beer.  But you have kept the good beer until now.”  But I wax biblical!

Out of our beloved Great Lakes, we picked up a Campfire Case of Big Sky Brewing Co.  Four different six packs.  Two of them IPA’s.  I’m not an IPA guy, but here’s the thing, I’m open to new things.  I’m willing to grow.


I’m hiking, blogging, growing a vacation moustache and now, I’m becoming an IPA guy, sort of.  I’m growing in leaps and bounds!


I was so sore from Sunday that we didn’t plan on hiking Monday, but we ended up doing a “recovery hike”which turned out to be a great idea.  The weather was fine, despite the forecast, and we hiked two miles along Avalanche Creek to Avalanche Lake.  An ascent of 500 feet over two miles, with the corresponding descent on the return trip.  We hiked with Andy from Austin Texas, who was loads of fun.  He’s biking, walking, training, busing all over the west for a few weeks and having a great time.  Good company!


Creek hikes are all about the water carving and polishing the rock!


The rain finally did come. We could see it coming over the mountains and it inspired our bike ride home.  After  a moment of panic when the front end of the storm threatened to lift the RV up by the awning, it settled into a nice pleasant rain that resulted in a spectacular double rainbow.



For those clamoring for fresh content, and who among you isn’t? – the issue is access to wifi.  Speaking of which, when we go to Yellowstone tomorrow we will have no wifi, no electric, no nothing.  Which should be interesting.  Combine that with overnight temps of 28 degrees or so.  One of us has learned not to leave a window open overnight when it is that cold! So without wifi and power it’ll be tough to post.  If you don’t hear from us for a couple of days, don’t call out the National Guard.

Speaking of clamoring:  The Nation awaits an update on the ‘stache growth.stache

Enjoy it while it lasts.


We’ve been on the go since we left, so today is going to be mellow.  Laundry, reading and catching up on some work in our new “Office” that we just discovered on the grounds.  Lovely!


This is called “Crow” position.  The background ain’t bad either!


That might be it for awhile as we venture into the dark ages tomorrow.  I hope there is an adjacent creek to keep the beer cold.


2 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Vacation Moustache! Dont know who this Andy guy you refer to is, but A Dude Abikes appreciates it. Enjoyed the hike and shuttle time with you and Mrs. Moustache. Happy trails to Yellowstone and beyond.


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